Production Conditions

As a manu­fac­turing company, LOWA bears respons­ibility for the entire production process and for the working conditions of the people who manu­facture and process the company’s preliminary and final products.

For LOWA it is important to guarantee sustain­ability and responsible conduct throughout the value chain. This includes fair working conditions and wages as well as occu­pa­tional safety and envir­on­mentally friendly production.

Code of Conduct (CoC)

LOWA therefore requires its suppliers and producers to sign a predefined Code of Conduct (CoC), which is based on inter­na­tional guidelines such as the prin­ciples of the U.N. Global Compact and the conventions of the ILO. The company ensures the CoC is upheld by conducting regular internal reviews (audits).

The CoC governs working hours and wages, including extra pay for overtime, holidays and/or Christmas, as well as allowances for or assumption of all food and transport costs. Questions regarding such issues as dismissal protection, paid sick leave, maternity leave, non-discrim­ination, the right to join a union and a ban on child labour are regulated by law and covered by the CoC.

The Code of Conduct is commu­nicated to all employees in their respective national languages. The commu­nication of its content is carried out through notices or, if need be, through training sessions.

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    Bus lines for employees to the workplace for free

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Compliance with the company’s Code of Conduct is checked through regular internal audits. These audits are conducted within a period of two years at a minimum.

While touring the company’s factories, LOWA auditors gain an impression of general working conditions and safety-relevant issues. They examine a range of documents, including payslips and contracts, and talk with managers and indi­vidual employees. LOWA takes steps to ensure that at least one of the auditors speaks the language of the country where the facility is located.

Audit results and eval­uation

The audit results are docu­mented and reviewed during a feedback discussion. Possible viol­ations are included in a report. These issues must be addressed by a specific deadline. If viol­ations occur, the supplier will receive help from LOWA. If serious viol­ations of the CoC occur and are not corrected despite the company’s assistance, LOWA retains the right to terminate the business rela­tionship. All business rela­tionships have existed for at least five years, and most of them have been in place for 10 years or more.